Ratings standards

What our ratings mean:

5 stars

A masterpiece, representing the very best done in its genre. No flaws of any kind, an integrated work of great beauty and/or deep meaning. Favorably compares with the best music of any genre.

4.5 stars

Better than 4 stars, but containing a flaw or lacking that something extra that would make it a masterpiece.

4 stars

Highly recommended for any music fan. A very good representation of the act’s talent, and a superior example of the genre. Clear qualities that lift it above average.

3.5 stars

Recommended, especially for fans of the artist and/or genre. Flashes of greatness, above average execution, several facets of interest.

3 stars

Average and acceptable, especially for fans of the artist and/or genre. Some enjoyable content, generally well-recorded and executed.

2 stars

Of poor quality, and/or unremarkable in lyrical and/or instrumental execution. Boring, annoying or misguided.  Even hardcore fans of the artist or genre should beware.

1 star

Of exceptionally poor quality musically, sonically or both. Not recommended.

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